Joseph Pilates developed his method back in the early 1900’s and called it “the Art of Contrology” – using the mind to control the muscles.

The exercises focus on developing the “core” muscle groups of the abdomen, back and buttocks – the powerhouse. Some of the main benefits of doing Pilates exercises are that you will become stronger, longer, leaner and able to do anything with more grace and ease.

The Pilates method works for a wide range of people: men, women, both young and old, athletes, dancers and people at various stages of physical rehabilitation.

At Mercer Island Pilates we teach Classical Pilates on Gratz equipment that was originally designed and developed by Joseph Pilates.  Our instructors are certified in the classical method and have over 700 hours of training, testing and continuing education.

Our goal is to meet each individual’s specific needs for their body.  The results will help you improve and maintain good posture and balance, live with less pain, increase flexibility, add strength and develop long lean muscles.

We recommend doing Pilates 2 – 3 times a week to help you reach your goals and see results!