Leslie Cover

Owner – Instructor

Leslie, an enthusiast for all forms of movement, has always been involved in fitness, such as tennis, boxing, snowboarding, and yoga.  Her search for greater flexibility and strength led her to Pilates in 2004… and it’s no surprise she was  immediately hooked!  From her first session, Leslie became very passionate about Pilates and wanted to share this enjoyment with others.  As a mother of five, she approaches her teaching with compassion and intellect.  She brings clear explanations of Pilates principles instilling confidence and trust among her clients.  Her greatest joy comes from showing people how Pilates relates to their daily life, helping to eliminate pain and create strong flexible bodies.  Leslie studied with world renown Master Teacher Dorothee VandeWalle and received her certification from Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle.


Kim Hamilton


Kim has been teaching for almost 10 years, and loves Pilates more than when she started. She trained at Pilates Seattle International, and is certified through Romana’s Pilates. Kim genuinely believes Pilates is good for everyone, regardless of age or physical fitness. Her workouts are tailored to the client in front of her whether it be working around an injury or training an elite athlete.

She also enjoys being the student herself. Taking lessons and keeping up on continuing education are top priorities. Staying strong and flexible helps her to enjoy all the wonderful outdoor activities we have here in the Great Northwest.


Rick Morris


Rick Morris was certified to teach Pilates by Romana Kryzanowska in 2000, after completing his apprenticeship at Pilates Seattle International with Lauren Stephan and Lori Coleman Brown and with Dorothee Vandewalle. In 2000, Rick left a career in human services and began teaching at Pilates Seattle International. In 2003, Rick joined the teaching staff at Metropolitan Pilates. Rick also keeps busy as a substitute teacher at several venues around town and a guest teacher out of town.

Rick is certified by Romana Pilates and is current with all continuing education requirements. Rick strives to improve and develop his skills as a practitioner and teacher of Pilates through a discipled Pilates practice, continuing education, working with fine teachers and working with diverse and wonderful students.

Joe Pilates wanted his system of body conditioning accessible and practiced by all. Rick embraces this goal in his teaching, guiding a workout suitable for each individual based on their fitness level, injuries and conditions, goals and potentials

Rick’s exercise background includes running, cycling and street skating. Rick believes in maintaining health, wellness and longevity through a disciplined Pilates practice and a diet of seasonal and local food. Rick is a passionate supporter of local farmer’s markets.


Genevieve Keelty


Genevieve Keelty received her level 5 IITP Pilates Teacher Certification from Romana’s Pilates in 2007. She completed over 650 hours in the program apprenticing with Romana Kryzanowska at True Pilates in New York City. In addition Genevieve studied with Michael Rooks and Andrea Burkholder at Pure Joe Pilates in Washington DC. Genevieve is trained to teach both mat and equipment Pilates.
Genevieve is a native of Baltimore, Maryland. She attended The Baltimore School for the Arts and completed her BFA in Dance at Butler University in Indiana.

Genevieve believes movement allows the mind, body, and spirit to connect, and create a sense of peace, harmony and wellbeing. Genevieve danced from the time that she was four years old and through high school and college. After college she discovered Pilates and running. She is very passionate about running and has completed several half marathons and marathons. Pilates has given her the strength, flexibility and balance to be able to run long distances and keep her injury free.

From her background as a dancer Genevieve is very in tune with proper alignment, form and technique. It is very important to her that the movements are performed with correct form and precision so that her clients receive the most benefit from each exercise. She is constantly exploring how the body can move more efficiently to become stronger, healthier and injury free.

Genevieve genuinely cares about her clients and their specific concerns and goals. Nothing makes her happier than seeing her clients achieve their goals.


Erika Monaco


Erika originally fell in love with Pilates after a snowboarding injury & a partially torn ACL. Her physical therapist recommended Pilates as a way to build strength around the knee to avoid surgery & she was able to get back on the mountain the following season. She continued with Pilates as a hobby & later received her teaching certification at Metropolitan Pilates while studying under the development & guidance of Master Teacher Dorothee VandeWalle.

Erika believes Pilates is an essential conditioning exercise practice for all ages & body types. She’s actively involved in the classical pilates community by attending continuing education and working out with other teachers both in-person & virtually.

Outside of the studio, Erika enjoys photography, art, traveling, snowboarding and hanging with her family & dog Chewie.


Elana Enloe


Whether you’re an elite athlete seeking ways to improve your momentum, or someone overcoming chronic illness or injury, I take great pride and care to get you moving confidently toward your goals, while staying true to the original Pilates method.

Each day I work with people of all ages, shapes and abilities, using a hands-on approach to help them enjoy life and thrive in the body they have. Using the best equipment available, I provide a therapeutic setting, teaching the system of exercises created by Joseph Pilates almost 100 years ago.

I’ve studied under master instructors including Lauren Stephen, Sari Mejia Santo, Cynthia Lochard, Cynthia Shipley, Javier Perez Pont, Moses Urbano, Trish Garland, Adrianna van Elswijk, Sachiko Glass and Rick Morris. I am grateful to Jérémie Perroud of True Pilates Prague for introducing me to the original Pilates Method and to Colleen Bickel, DPT for her encouragement.

In the past I’ve worked as a portfolio manager, a private yacht chef and as a law librarian. I enjoy spending time with my daughter, ballroom dancing, practicing a variety of musical instruments, and exploring the incredible nature of the Pacific Northwest with a special interest in mycology, slime molds and tardigrades. I also volunteer for the Arthritis Foundation.


Clare Kennelly


Clare has been studying and instructing Pilates for the past 16 years. She became certified in Authentic Pilates at Metropolitan Pilates in 2007 and has worked there alongside master teacher, Dorothea Vandewalle ever since. She has a wide variety of movement experience including dance and numerous sports and is known for her highly individualized workouts. She is happy to have joined Leslie and the great staff at MI Pilates.

Outside the studio, Clare enjoys weekends sailing around the Puget Sound.